Multiple new products are released – gathering momentum and improving products

Jin Peng 2024 Business Ceremony is held!
Jin Peng is a "model worker" in the electric vehicle industry. Just after the May Day holiday, an unprecedented and industry-leading product gluttonous feast has been staged. There are attractions, feelings, new technologies, heavy colors in the mountains, waves in the streets, it is exciting enough.


On May 6, the Jinpeng Annual Business Ceremony and the 2024 Spring and Summer New Product Launch with the theme of "Gathering Momentum and Concentrated Products" opened grandly at the Xi'an International Conference Center, the venue for the China-Central Asia Summit. Lu Shouguang, chairman of Jinpeng Group, Liu Jing, vice president of Jinpeng Group, Li Mengqi, owner of Jinpeng Electric's second and third industry platform, Zhang Tianxiang, general manager of Jinpeng Xiusan's marketing, Chen Qiang, general manager of Jinpeng's second and third-party marketing and other company leaders, industry leaders The media and more than 600 dealers from all over the country attended this event.
Leading the industry's breakthrough battle with explosive products, Jinpeng has released a number of new flagship products of the second and third generation electronics. More fashionable·smarter·more comfortable·safer

Chen Mingyou, the founder of Jingzhidao, gave an industry sharing on "How dealers can break through the competition under the industry knockout". He made a macro analysis from the aspects of brands, products, categories, channels, etc., and comprehensively interpreted and analyzed the need for full-category operations. nature, helping partners understand the brand advantages of Jinpeng's full category management.


Li Mengqi, the owner of Jinpeng industry platform, reviewed the highlights of the Jinpeng·Jinguan series of products. As we all know, the Jinguan series has been updated for two consecutive generations in the past three years, leading the trend and achieving great success. Jinguan N8, new Tiguan, P2, etc., with differentiated configurations such as ceramic brakes, magic carpet suspension, blade taillights, integrated body, hardcore leisure, high appearance + high technology, have become well-deserved benchmarks in the H3 industry.

At the same time, the Xiu San volume is still in a period of long-term growth. 2024 can be said to be the "Xiu San Year" with huge market space. In the first quarter of 2024, Jin Peng Xiu San achieved excellent results of 100% year-on-year growth. . Facing the multi-scenario needs of future users, Jinpeng will continue to make breakthroughs. This conference lasted more than 300 days of meticulous craftsmanship, and the Jinpeng·Jinguan 3.0 series was shockingly released.


Especially the 2024 flagship new energy electric tricycle "Jinguan SU7 "is extremely excellent. As a sincere work of Jinpeng’s 20th anniversary celebration, the appearance and color of Jinpeng SU7 have been fully upgraded. The three natural colors of Yaoyao pink, smoky purple and mint green are stunning to the audience. It should be noted in particular that the color and appearance of Jinguan 3.0 were designed by Mr. Li Mengqi himself, which can be said to be well-intentioned.

In addition, Jinguan SU7 is also equipped with SCS driving protection system and AI smart travel system, making the Electric tricycle more fashionable, smarter, more comfortable and safer. It is no exaggeration to say that in terms of appearance and configuration, the Golden Crown SU7 is definitely the most comfortable, safest, most beautiful and smartest leisure tricycle within 10,000 yuan. It is fully comfortable and safer to ride on. Just fall in love.


Subsequently, Shen Hongyu, the director of Jinpeng product development, gave a detailed introduction to Jinguan·SU7 in terms of research and development concepts, structural material innovation, component quality upgrades, and core technologies. The industry's first skin-feel soft grip, the industry's first flip multi-function controller box, SCS driving system (ultra-quiet smart drive technology, original integrated braking technology, magic carpet soft wave shock absorption technology), AI smart travel system and other black and white products Technology is far ahead.

Mr. Chen said that in 2023, under the general trend of rising categories and concentrated brands in the industry, Jinpeng Dian 2 outperformed the "big market" of the industry and achieved good results of 10% year-on-year growth. In 2024, with the full implementation of the new national standards, the electric vehicle industry will return to a new starting point. To this end, Jinpeng Dian 2 will focus on innovation, product improvement, comprehensive renewal, comprehensive innovation, and comprehensive leadership. At the same time, it will focus on the rural market for a long time, and actively improve product quality, team building, channel assistance, marketing empowerment, We will conduct branch development and other work to comprehensively win the battle for channels in the new era.

Afterwards, Liu Wensheng, director of Tianjin Electrical Products R&D, gave a relevant introduction on Jinpeng Tianjin Electrical Products’ direction, innovation and upgrading, product map, product portfolio, independent new products, etc. In particular, the new products independently developed by Jinpeng Electric, such as Lingke, Xiaomengfei, and Feiyue, are absolutely awesome with their good looks, high configuration, and high cost performance.

At the same time, Wang Dachuan, director of R&D of Wuxi Electrical Products, gave a detailed introduction to six new products of Jinpeng Wuxi Electrical Products, including the Morgan series Dreamer, Mechanic, and Kuangbiao. It is understood that in addition to the new upgrades in paint technology and color matching, Jinpeng's new Morgan series is also equipped with core technologies such as Titan power system and AI smart mobility system, making it more fashionable, more comfortable and more convenient, and has launched special takeaways. Models make products more durable and practical.


Mr. Li said that in 2024, "Dian2 Xiu3" will take advantage of the momentum of macro policies, industry policies, category growth, brand mentality, product innovation value, and channel benchmarking in 2024 to create a good company. For products, research new products and make popular products; create good channels, set benchmarks, and deepen empowerment; build good stores, invest 50 million, build large stores, and manage stores well; integrate resources to provide services that are more timely and considerate; do a good job in new products Marketing relies on new media platforms such as Douyin to empower merchants with high quality and high frequency. Through all-round efforts in products, channels, stores, services, new marketing, etc., we will promote the Jinpeng brand to move upward and win the battle in 2024 strongly.

Mr. Zhang said that in 2024, Jin Peng Xiu San will follow the trend and take advantage of it. Through the strong blessing of the "344 strategy" of Jinguan 3.0 series SU7 and other products, we will continue to strengthen personnel, training, meetings, and dynamic sales support to comprehensively enhance channel power; continue to Increase the construction of "Yuanqi Terminal" stores and lead the transformation of terminals into retail based on the "Six Good Models"; continue to do a good job, deepen and strengthen Douyin new media live broadcast, combine online and offline, realize traffic into sales, and promote Jinpeng Xiu San has once again reached new heights of development.

In twenty years, in the blink of an eye, we are firmly established in the country; in twenty years, we can move forward with indomitable strength. In order to celebrate Jin Peng's 20th anniversary, Jin Peng also officially launched the "Looking for Jin Peng Cars 20 Years Ago Large-scale Charity Activity" at this ceremony, using old cars to witness Jin Peng's super product power through time and kick off the 2024 Jin Peng Xiu San 2024 The journey of breaking the circle of brands and products.

Witnessed by Lu Shouguang, Chairman of the Group, Liu Jing, Vice President of the Group, Li Mengqi, owner of Jinpeng Dian2 Xiu3 industry platform, and dealer guests, Jin Peng's "Looking for Jin Peng Che's large-scale public welfare activities 20 years ago" was officially start up.


Lu Shouguang, chairman of Jinpeng Group, said in his concluding speech at the meeting that 2024 is a critical year for the development of Jinpeng Dian2 Xiu3 platform, and it is also an important node for the group to move towards the next 20 years. Only when manufacturers work together and product upgrades can we Only in this way can the Jinpeng brand continue to grow bigger and stronger, become a century-old enterprise, and become a world-class enterprise.

After years of development, Jinpeng Dian2 Xiu3 has carved out its own brand height and development path from the initial controversy, and its products have gradually transformed from the original mass-market goods to completely independent research and development. Whether it is the Jinguan 3.0 series of products, colorful color upgrades, or various exclusive core technologies, it really makes the industry sit up and take notice.

Post time: May-11-2024