Automechanika Shanghai 2023

As a service platform for the entire automotive industry chain that integrates information exchange, industry promotion, business services and industrial education, this exhibition has attracted people from the global automotive industry to gather in Shanghai to learn about new industry technologies and embrace new trends in industry development.

 Eye-catching data from the exhibition  

Exhibition area Over 300,000㎡ (↑36%)
Number of exhibitors 5,652 (↑71%)
Exhibitor source 41countries and regions
Overseas exhibition groups 16 national and regional pavilions
Concurrent activities 77

 Ms. Zhou Shaolan, General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. said:"As a powerful international automotive service platform, Automechanika Shanghai will review and summarize this year's performance and achievements with colleagues in the global automotive industry, and work together through on-site face-to-face market information and technical communication, industry trend analysis and business docking. Look forward to and plan new business cooperation in the future and shape the development blueprint of the automotive industry with unlimited potential."

Exhibitors at this exhibition are highly enthusiastic, and the world's leading brands are all on the scene, including Eurofren, PHINIA, SANGSIN BRAKE, Stellantis, Unity, Yong Ming, Elring, Ivorite, Ambarella Semiconductor, AMSOIL, BASF, and BOC Li, Beston, Pentium, Bosch, Brembo, ZF, Dali, Total Energy, Febi, Gaochang, Goodyear, GAC Aion, Huirun Electromechanical, Fire Eagle, Cluster Chebao, Juncheng, Compton, Conzo, Kogi, Rheinmetall, LIQUID MOLY, Zero Kilometer, Mahler, Forward, Riplanjun, Sensata, Resort, Star, Shida, Double Star, Tektronix, Tamington, Tegao, Tongrun, Wanda Baotong Tire, Power Lion, Xinruili Auto Parts Chain, Xingka, Yigong, Yihejie, Enoxing, Yingfei, Yuanzheng, Zhijia Technology, Zhongchuang and Sino-Italian TEDA, etc. , showing the booming development prospects of the industry.

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This exhibition shows a high degree of internationalization in all indicators. Among them, 16 overseas country and regional pavilions have returned again. In addition to the UAE, Poland, Germany, France, the United States, Turkey, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom pavilions, there are also Several Asian pavilions further expanded their display area, including South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Taiwan.

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Post time: Dec-01-2023