The working principle of spark plugs and the importance of regular replacement of spark plugs. But what role does it play in the engine?

Just like this lighter. This is like a spark plug in a car. The atomized gasoline sprayed from the fuel injector is mixed with air and compressed by the piston. At this time, a little spark is needed to make the mixture explode and expand, pushing the piston to work. Because the working environment in the cylinder is very harsh, not only must it withstand high temperature and high pressure, but the electrode material must also withstand corrosion from combustion products produced by combustion.

Therefore, excellent and durable spark plugs are crucial. Replacing spark plugs can save fuel, but newer and better spark plugs can make your vehicle's combustion conditions closer to those of a new car. Replacing spark plugs regularly just keeps your car from using more fuel.

Post time: Oct-10-2023